Ognen Duzlevski

Research Computing Development and Operations Engineer

Ognen Duzlevski has been appointed as Research Computing Development and Operations Engineer joining the Computing and Data Resource Exchange team at the University of Virginia. Ognen assumed his new role March 27th.

In this capacity, Ognen will be responsible for implementation of system enhancements on top of existing solutions, connecting user support and system services, operating in UVA’s high performance computing environment.

Ognen Duzlevski joins the University of Virginia after spending over 15 years in the technology industry. His diverse experience includes working in the field of bioinformatics; being a part of a team that managed billions of dollars of corporate and state pension money using stochastic calculus and an in-house trading platform; working in academic environments such as Stowers Institute for Medical Research, National Research Council of Canada, University of Missouri-Columbia; as well as running IT infrastructure and writing “big data” analytics code for various private companies and start-ups all over the country. Ognen has co-authored several publications in the field of bioinformatics but a special highlight is to be one of twenty people from around the world to attend the 2006 “New Kind of Science” summer school at Brown University, organized by Stephen Wolfram (inventor of “Mathematica” software).

Ognen is currently working towards receiving his Master of Science in Information Security from the Royal Holloway College at the University of London. He holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan. In spare time, Ognen and his wife Dacia, who is a veterinarian, ride their horses and camp in desolate places across the country, from the Big Bend National Park in south-west Texas, all the way to the Wind River Valley in Wyoming.