Kelley Stuck

Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer

The University of Virginia recently announced that Kelley Stuck has been appointed vice president and chief human resources officer. Stuck, currently interim vice president of human resources for the University of Missouri system, will assume the leadership position Sept. 6.

As UVA’s top human resources executive, Stuck will be responsible for creating innovative ways to engage all employees and will establish a culture, systems and training that will develop leaders and empower employees to solve problems. She will also create integrated talent acquisition plans in partnership with leaders in the Academic Division, Medical Center and University Physicians Group. In addition, Stuck will ensure that human resources technologies are aligned and consistent across the entire UVA enterprise.

Stuck will champion the University’s new Ufirst initiative, which seeks to create a customer-centric human resources function and to make the employee experience exceptional. Ufirst will enhance UVA’s human resources systems in types of services, quality and staffing among central human resources and schools and units. Ufirst takes a holistic, strategic view across UVA, including the entire Academic Division and Health System.

Stuck graduated from Truman University in Kirksville, Missouri with a Bachelor of Science in Education in Marketing Communications, and from the University of Central Michigan with a Master of Science in Administration with a Human Resources Concentration. She holds a Senior Professional Human Resources certification.